Conclusion of the NAP Launching program

The National Action Plan for Combatting Bribery and Corruption in Sri Lanka 2019 – 2023 (NAP) was ceremonially launched today, 18 March 2019 in Colombo.  His Excellency, Maithripala Sirisena, the President of Sri Lanka graced the occasion as the chief guest. The Honourable Speaker, the Honourable Leader of the opposition, Parliamentarians, religious leaders, members of the diplomatic corps representing over 50 countries, Officials of International Organizations, senior public officials, members of the civil society were among the 1250 other invitees representing all segments of society.

The launch of the NAP was in recognition of Sri Lanka’s obligations under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), which was constitutionally recognized in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Furthermore, the compulsory recommendations of UNCAC and Sri Lanka’s commitments as per the Open Government Partnership warranted the formulation of a comprehensive plan to combat bribery and corruption in Sri Lanka. The NAP is a culmination of extensive studies of the experience of other nations, a review of Sri Lanka’s own unique circumstances, and nation-wide consultations with citizens. The NAP, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 05 February 2019 integrates a multi-pronged strategy, premised on the four pillars of Prevention, Value Based Education, Institutional Strengthening, and Law and Policy reforms as the foundation of the country’s anti-corruption plan over the next five-year period, i.e. from 2019 to 2023.

In addition to the NAP, four (04) Handbooks too were published, exploring certain identified areas which would shape the course of the drive against bribery and corruption in the nation. The 04 Handbooks are as follows:

  1. Draft proposal on Gift Rules
  2. Draft proposal on Conflict of Interest Rules
  • iii. Integrity Handbook for State Officials
  1. Proposed amendments to laws related to bribery, declaration of assets and liabilities, CIABOC, regulation of election campaign finances, and whistleblower protection.

The trilingual versions of these publications could be accessed and downloaded from the official CIABOC website at

It is expected that the full implementation of the NAP will pave the way for a new generation of citizens instilled with positive values and virtues, a public and private sector imbued with integrity, and a law enforcement system which is just and equal to all.

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