National Consultations: Forum for the Civil Society Organizations and Media Partners

The National Consultation forum for the civil society organizations and media partners was held on the 02nd of July 2018, at the Movenpick Hotel, Colombo 03.

The event opened with Mr. Chanranath Neville Guruge – Commissioner, CIABOC and Mr. Sarath Jayamanne, PC – Director General of CIABOC addressing the gathering, highlighting the efforts behind the formulation of a national action plan to curb bribery and corruption in Sri Lanka. Ms. Thilaka Jayasundara, Additional Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Media/ Chairperson – ITN, expressed her views on the matter drawing inspiration from her experience in Japan. Afterwards, the process of Consultation in the form of Group Discussions followed suite, where topics such as Mobilizing Communities – Role of the Civil Society and media in combatting corruption, were included. The presentations of the deliberations included novel ideas, where the role of media outlets was highlighted as a key driving force behind bringing about an ideological change within society with regards to the eradication of bribery and corruption.


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