International Anti-Corruption Day Commemoration – 2017

This year the International Anti-Corruption Day commemoration was held at the Grand Marquee Hall – Taj Samudra Colombo on 9th December 2017 from 9.00 am. to 12.30 pm. with the participation of 150 Civil Society members from Colombo and suburbs as well as 100 student officers of Apprentice Training Institution.

As it is pertinent to point out that, Sri Lanka cannot eliminate bribery and corruption through punishment alone; Sri Lanka and other countries are now aware of a systematic program of prevention.

Therefore, the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption has decided to commemorate International Anti-Corruption day this year on promoting clean and upright nation with dignity by raising awareness of prevention among civil Society and new officials expecting to be attached to the Public Service as a part of this preventive process.

The Commissioner III of CIABOC – Mr. Neville Guruge commenced the commemoration by observing the significance of International Anti-Corruption day.

Thereafter the four religious leaders spoke about the religious perspective on upholding integrity systems in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Punchinilame Meegaswatta made a presentation on “Do what is right and not what is easy”.

The Sri Lanka Police band made the event more colourful and attractive.

The commemoration of this event was supported by Strengthening Democratic Governance and Accountability project (SDGAP) – USAID.

Parallel to this event the CIABOC had taken steps to distribute Posters and Stickers amongst the Government Institutions through out the country with the view of educating the general public on the importance of upholding Integrity.

A desk calendar and a wall calendar for 2018 with the message of the responsibility of citizens of standing against Bribery and Corruption were distributed amongst the participants of the International Anti-Corruption Day commemorations and subsequently amongst the Government Institutions.

The text, “Say No to Bribery and Corruption” was disseminated amongst all subscribers with the technical assistance of Telecommunication Regulatory Commission on 09th December 2017.

Speech of the Commissioner III 

Today is International Anti-Corruption day. At the annual assembly of United Nations, held in the year 2005, it has decided to have this International Anti Corruption Day, on 9th of December in every year. Sri Lanka has accepted and become a member of the United Nation Convention against Corruption, having singed it on 15th march 2004. Sri Lanka accepted the Convention, as the first country in Asia, and the second country of the world. Even in the 19th amendment of the Constitution, it has mentioned that the Sri Lankan Government should take every step to implement the rules of regulations of the UN-Convention against corruption. As citizens of Sri Lanka, it is our responsibility to adhere to the regulations of UN Convention. We have to take every step to eradicate Corruptions and also to prevent Corruption. Today we have to discuss how to prevent Corruption and what sort of assistance that we could render towards the Anti Corruption drive.

Last couple of years we organized the International Anticorruption program with a special Chief Guest. But this time we did not intend to have a special Chief Guest. But we welcome all of you as our Special Chief Guests.

Today, the Bribery and Corruption and all other crimes have increased immensely, in our country. We cannot eradicate Bribery and Corruption and other crimes only by implementing law. We must give priority to the prevention of crimes. Enforcing law also could be treated as a prevention of crime. But that is not enough. What we do now is that we wait till an offence is committed and chase after the culprits. If we can prevent committing such offence, it is much better than implementing law and punishing offenders.

We did researches as to why the people tend to do wrong things. Then we observed that all these wrong things originate from their minds. Since their minds are not purified people tend to commit all wrong things, without thinking of the repercussions of such wrong things. If we can purify the minds of the people, we can save them from doing wrong things. Some people think when they are educated and have paper qualifications that they are perfect in all aspects. But the paper qualifications only wouldn’t make a person perfect. If that person is morally developed with the paper qualifications, we can treat him as a perfect person. So we intend to purify the minds of the people and we hope to start it from the children. It should be started from home. The parents are the first teachers of the child and parents should know how to mould the child. We have to educate the parents how to mould their children. Thereafter at the school the children should be educated with better attitudes. All of us should set an example to the children. I have observed that most of our elderly people have neglected their responsibilities. When you think about the leaders of the country, parents, teachers, clergies and all elderly citizens have neglected their responsibilities. That is why we can’t create a better society. You all must understand this situation and focus our attention towards the children and mould them properly. If we get together and carry out our responsibilities, we can have a clean society in near future. I invite you to join hands with us to educate the society on this matter. Please contact us trough our emergency telephone number 1954 and join us to organize awareness programs, education program etc., in order to educate the general public. If we get together I have a strong feeling, that we can have a clean society who opposes Bribery and Corruption and all other criminal activities.

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