Two-year suspended sentence and fine imposed on a civil person in Nawagaththegama

Colombo High Court Judge Nawaratne Marsinghe sentenced 2 years’ Rigorous Imprisonment, suspended for 15 years to a civil person in Nawagaththegama after he pleaded guilty to the charge contained in the Indictment the Commission filed against him for offering Rs. 200,000/- as a bribe to Sub Inspector, Mr. Patirana of Nawagaththegama Police Station for not taking legal action against two suspects arrested while digging a treasure trove inside a reserved forest in Nawagathtehgama.

The learned Judge also fined the accused Rs. 5,000/-, and a 6-month simple imprisonment if he fails to pay the said fine. The learned Judge further ordered the confiscation of the Rs. 200,000/- bribe offered by the civil person.

Assistant Director General, Mrs. Thushari Dayaratne, handled the case on behalf of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption.

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