Prevention Programmes in Schools to be promoted to Endow a Generation with High Integrity

A discussion with all stakeholder institutions conducting co-curricular activities in schools was held in the Education Ministry auditorium on 19.01.2024 to discuss the co-curricular activity Action Plan to be implemented in schools during 2024 and about the issues pertaining to it. Mrs. Dushmanthi Rajapaksha (Assistant Director General), Mrs. Udeshika Jayasekara (Prevention Officer) and Mrs. Gayashani Uswatta (Legal Assistant) represented the Commission. The Commission received the praise of the Education Ministry for the programmes it implements in compliance with the MOU it signed with the Education Ministry in 2021. Discussions first focused on the programmes CIABOC conducted for students, teachers, Principals and teacher trainees in 2023. It next moved to the programmes CIABOC intends to implement this year under the funding of the JURE project of UNDP. It was suggested to focus more on raising the awareness of Vice Principals this year. Possibility of including bribery and corruption related-laws in the school curriculum was another matter discussed.

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