Correcting the news article published in Sunday Lankadeepa on 24.09.2023

Mrs. Sunethra Jayasinghe, Additional Director General, wrote to the Chief Editor of Sunday Lankadeepa on 04.10.2023 and explained facts regarding certain omissions in the news, “Half of the bribery cases have been withdrawn” appeared in the Sunday Lankadeepa newspaper published on 24.09.2023. Accordingly, Sunday Lankadeepa made the relevant correction in the newspaper published on 15.10.2023.

According to it, although 93 cases were withdrawn as per the judgement of the Supreme Court Case No. SC Writ 01/2011, 63 cases out of them were re-filed as of that date, and action is in progress to refile another 24 cases. The corrected article further states that only 03 cases out of them have not been re-filed.

With regard to the news on investigations, it stated that it is difficult to tell that a delay has taken place in relation to certain cases from the number of years.


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