Sri Lanka attends UN State Party Conference on Anti-Corruption in Abu Dhabi - 16th – 20th December 2019.

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The Sri Lankan delegation comprised of Commissioner Mr. Neville Guruge and Director General Mr. Sarath Jayammane (PC), attended the Eighth Session of the Conference of the Sates parties to the UN convention against Corruption (COSP) in Abu Dhabi which was held from 16th-20th December 2019.

Prior to the State Party Conference, the Sri Lankan delegation also attended an initiative launched by UNODC on the collaboration between Supreme Audit Institutes (SAI) and Anti-Corruption Agencies (ACA) worldwide. The purpose of this initiative was to recognize the best ways and modalities to have more cooperation between Supreme Audit Institutes and Anti-Corruption Agencies and to give clout to anti-corruption strategies. In fact, the Director General Mr. Sarath Jayammane (PC) chaired one of the panels and he also made a presentation as a panelist. He highlighted the importance of having a national strategy and explained the four pillars of recently launched 5-year National Action Plan of Sri Lanka. In addition, the Public Outreach Campaign organized by CIABOC was brought to the attention of the audience by sharing a video clip as to the varied activities carried out at the main railway station and other railway stations on 9th December 2019, marking the International Anti-Corruption Day.

One of the key and strategic events for Sri Lanka during the COSP was the launch of “Colombo Commentary on the Jakarta Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies”. This was launched in the sidelines of the COSP on 16th of December 2019. The Colombo Commentary was a result of UNODC bringing more than 30 experts to Colombo in 2018 to prepare a Commentary on Jakarta Declarations 2012 on the implementation of Article 6 and 36 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). At the launch of the Colombo Commentary the Director General of CIABOC and the Commission was commended by UNODC for hosting the Expert Group Meeting successfully in Colombo, Sri Lanka in July 2018. 

At the launch of Colombo Commentary, the Director General was given an opportunity to make a presentation on the independence and efficiency of Anti-Corruption Agencies throughout the world. He highlighted the importance of having a mechanism for independence and efficiency and he explained the steps taken by Sri Lanka to achieve those objectives.

The conference reviewed the measures taken by state parties in implementing the UNCAC. Furthermore, participants discussed on the prevention of corruption, strengthening international cooperation to combat corruption and law and policy reforms on asset recovery.

On 17th December 2019, whilst taking part in the plenary session of COSP, the Director General emphasized the need to have collaboration between ACA and other related agencies. He also drew special attention to measures taken by Sri Lanka to ensure compliance with UNCAC. The Commissioner MR. Neville Guruge, addressed the Implementation Review group, bringing it to the notice of the member states that Anti-Corruption regime in SL is undergoing strategic transition after 20 years, having examined the recommendations made in 1st and 2nd review cycles of UNCAC.

The opportunity in participation at COSP was made by the CIABOC delegation to maximum productivity. Thus, eight bilateral meetings with other delegates were held in the sideline of the COSP. Those countries include Singapore, Hong Kong, Bhutan, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Rwanda and Thailand. In particular the Chief Commissioners of Hong Kong, Bhutan, Malaysia and South Korea, whose perception ranking in anti-corruption is high in the region, pledged their fullest cooperation and support to CIABOC by sending their resource persons when CIABOC absorbs the newly selected 200 graduate investigators and 50 prevention officers. 

The delegation played crucial roles in bringing the mission to a success. Thus, the Sri Lankan delegation was successful in their visit to Eighth Session of the Conference of the States parties to the UNCAC and brought significant recognition to Sri Lanka in many positive respects.





Director General addressing the panel on Supreme Audit Agencies and Anti-Corruption Agencies.


At the SAI panel discussion


The DG making a statement at the General Assembly on ‘Prevention’



The DG with Mr. Samuel from UNODC - At the launch of Colombo Commentary, the DG explained the importance of Colombo Commentary by referring to a metaphor.

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The Commissioner MR. Neville Guruge, addressing the Implementation Review Group


Bilateral meetings with the Japanese Delegation


Bilateral meetings with the Australian Delegation


With the Thailand delegation


The Sri Lankan Delegation with Sri Lankan Ambassador in UAE, His Excellency Manjitha Jayasinghe.


Standing from left to right: official from Hong Kong, the DG of CIABOC, the Chief Commissioner of Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption  Mr. Simon, the Chairperson of Bhutan Anti-Corruption Commission


The DG with the chairperson of Bhutan Anti-Corruption Commission


A selfie with Ms. Zorana UNODC, Bangkok and Mr. Kaleed SAI-UAE Chief Coordinator of SAI meeting


The Commissioner Mr. Neville Guruge with the Director General Mr. Sarath Jayamanne (PC)


The Commissioner Mr. Neville Guruge with the Director General Mr. Sarath Jayamanne (PC) at the hall where the plenary was held


The Commissioner Mr. Neville Guruge with the Director General Mr. Sarath Jayamanne (PC)  at the main hall where the General Assembly was held








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