Country statement - Sri Lanka (Made on 17.11.2016 at working group meeting on International Corporation, Vienna, Austria)

Country statement- Sri Lanka (Made on 17.11.2016 at working group meeting on International Corporation, Vienna, Austria)

Mr. Chair, thank you for the opportunity given to Sri Lanka for this intervention. Let me begin by congratulating you for your appointment to chair this important meeting.

Mr. Chair,
Before expressing our views on the international Cooperation, we wish to draw the attention of all state parties to the preamble of the UNCAC.

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Concerned about the seriousness of problems and threats posed by corruption to the stability and security of societies, undermining the institutions and values of democracy, ethical values and justice and jeopardizing sustainable development and the rule of law,

Concerned also about the links between corruption and other forms of crime, in particular organized crime and economic crime, including money laundering,

Concerned further about cases of corruption that involve vast quantities of assets, which may constitute a substantial proportion of the resources of States, and that threaten the political stability and sustainable development of those States,

Convinced that corruption is no longer a local matter but a transnational
phenomenon that affects all societies and economies, making international cooperation to prevent and control it essential,

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Further, I wish to draw your attention to article 1 of the UNCAC which clearly reiterate the golden rules of this convention such as , to promote facilitate and support International Corporation and Technical Assistance in the prevention of and fight against corruption including in Asset Recovery.

Therefore Mr. chair I take this opportunity to express our view that by being present here today we have shown our solidarity towards the fulfillmentof that obligation spelled out in the preamble to the UNCAC and article 1 quoted above.

Mr. Chair, chapter iv, Article 43(International Corporation) is a mandatory Article that all state parties should adhered to.

Mr.Chair, International Corporation is not a matter that can be taken care of in isolation.

Sri Lanka, as a country ratified UNCAC in year 2004, has always rendered its fullest support formally and informally to all state parties in need.
Sri Lanka is in its incubatory state in taking action to recover its assets that are in overseas territories.

Many states have faced difficulties in dealing with international cooperation in the field ofextradition,MLA and asset recovery using the available tools. We the Sri Lankanshave always faced practical difficulties during enforcement. Sri Lanka has sent morethan 30 MLA requests globally during 2015 and over 20 FIU requests. Often we do not even receive a letter of acknowledgement from the receiving country. We had at times personally flown to those countries requesting their corporation but without avail.

However,we also note, with appreciation, the support and cooperation already extended to Sri Lanka by several countries to assist us in the recovery of stolen assets.

In conclusion I would like to earnestly and humbly request that all nations must help one anotherbased on UNCAC, irrespective of the fact that there is no by lateral or multilateral treaty to that effect.

Finally we thank you for the opportunity given to the Sri Lankan delegation to express our views.

Thank you.

Thanuja Bandara
Assistant Director Legal
Commission to investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption
Member of Delegation of Sri Lanka

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