Management Assistant imprisoned for a bribe of Rs.5,000/-

Omalpe Dayaratne, served as a Management Assistant of Land Reclamation Commission of Ratnapura was convicted guilty on charges of soliciting and accepting a bribe of Rs.5,000/- from a complainant of Watapatha, Kiribadgala to draft a letter in order to prepare a legal deed for a state paddy land possessing by the complainant.

The accused was sentenced for 06 year rigorous imprisonment by 1 ½ years for each count from 01 to 04 of the indictment with the sentence to be run in 1 ½ years. A fine of Rs.20,000/- counting Rs.5,000/- for each charge was ordered as well. Furthermore, it was ordered under the Section 26 of the Bribery Act to recover Rs.5,000/-, a penalty for the bribe obtained by the accused. A light imprisonment of 01 year was imposed in default of the payment of fine and penalty. The judgement was declared on 01.07.2020 by the Hon Judge of No.05 High Court of Colombo, Mr. Pradeep Hettiarachchi. Prosecution was done by Assistant Director (Legal) Miss. B. W. M. U. M. Kumarihami of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption. Investigation conducted by Mr. Senevirathna, Inspector of Police.

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